The NYC Conference 2016 is designed to inspire critical thinking by looking at momentous trends now changing the enforcement and compliance landscape for everyone, including the world’s kleptocrats and their financial keepers.

FCPA Blog NYC Conference 2016 Agenda

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Registration with coffee and breakfast.

Moderator: William Steinman

Panel: Gerald KralKim Urbanchuk

The big cases grab big headlines, but the daily life of compliance professionals consists of balancing risk and reward with ever-growing compliance obligations, all away from the limelight.

This panel will examine how the foot soldiers of compliance conceive of and balance risks, and how they view their role in the overall fight against corruption.

Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the course of the event.

A lunch buffet will be provided to all attendees.

As part of our goal and vision to broaden and challenge our thinking, we will award scholarships to up to eight attendees to cover their registration fees, with a travel and accommodation allowance.

Scholarship awards will be based on need and a proven interest in the topic. Applicants will submit short essays and bios. Likely scholarship recipients include students, journalists, public-sector professionals, and others.

Moderator: Richard L. Cassin

Panel: Richard Bistrong

This will be the first time where Richard Bistrong will address his role as the government cooperator in what has been called the “Africa Sting.” Much has been written about this operation, officially called Alternate Breach, but none from the perspective of the cooperator.

Moderator: Richard Bistrong

Panel: George “Ren” McEachern, Matthew S. Queler

We often hear “why don’t the bribe takers get targeted.” To  find out why,  Richard Bistrong will engage in a Q and A with George “Ren” McEachern, Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI and Matt Queler, former Assistant Chief in the Department of Justice’s FCPA Unit. This panel has a unique view of how kleptocrats might be targeted and what enforcement tools the FBI, DOJ, and international law enforcement  has in its investigative arsenal.

Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the course of the event.

Speaker: Andy Spalding

We are now halfway through the DOJ’s historic one-year FCPA Pilot Program.  Which policy commitments does this program reflect?  Which are not reflected?  Where might we expect or hope the DOJ to go from here?  We will take a look at the original program as drafted, the results of its first six months, and its future trajectory.

Post-event cocktails and mixing is included with every ticket, join us for Hors d’Oeuvres and drinks.


* Agenda for the FCPA Blog Conference 2016 is subject to change 

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